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"The reading landed into my inbox, where I could download it to my phone. I'm now armed with masses of insights to guide me through those things that sneak out of the dark. Thank you Louisa. You've hit the SWEET SPOT again!"

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With 1 sign-up click you can create your own login page, and have access to member only content, and access to discounts codes for the ‘Feel Good’ Store. 

All memberships include a monthly newsletter,  the general monthly planetary update, and an invitation to the quarterly Member Webinar. 

Each membership builds on from the less expensive one. Here’s a little more information to help you decide, which plan is for you:-

Feel Good 'Free' PLan

  • This gives you a grounding into the global planetary energy. A monthly newsletter and a login page on this site. You’ll have access to all free content

Feel Good 'Insight' PLan

  • For a small fee, you’ll also get the ‘insider’ updates that give an Asteroid picture about the New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses and Season changes.
  • You’ll also receive the monthly question update, where Louisa answers 5 member questions
  • You’ll receive 10% discount on store items

Feel Good 'Daily' Plan

  • This also includes a day by day look at the planetary energies. You’ll receive your ‘cosmic code checker chart’. 
  • Listen in each day and if you hear one of your codes called, you’ll be in for an eventful day! 
  • You can also use your code checker to see ‘how’ you’ll be affected! 
  • You’ll receive 10%-25% discount on store items

Feel Good 'Guidance' PLan

  • This is a bespoke plan where you’ll receive personal monthly updates from Louisa of approximately 20 mins
  • You can ask Louisa 1 question a month and expect a great answer. Approximately 20 mins. of MP3
  • Donate your question to a friend in need., if you don’t need it
  • Every year you’ll receive your Solar Return ‘Birthday’ chart  *
  • Share your membership with a  friend, if you want to share the cost.*
  • You’ll also receive between 25-40% discount on all store items.

I love Louisa's warmth and fun in readings - it's just like sitting beside her having a two way conversation. With two pages of notes from a 15 minute reading, you can imagine just how much information is included.

I'm now armed with masses of insights, to guide me through those things that might sneak out of the dark. Thank you Louisa, you've hit the sweet spot again!

Jackie roberts,smart pa, february 2019


what membership might also mean to you

unexpected perks

connection to the 'feel good' community

As a member you can participate within the community. From Quarterly Webinars, Monthly member's question updates and the Forum - you're part of a growing community and can suggest future topics to Louisa to cover.

its easy to listen in

Listen to your updates on the go. You can access your private astrology page on all your devices

priority access to astrological help

Whenever your caught up in a struggle, drop Louisa a line. As a paid member, she'll guarantee to respond at her next earliest opportunity. Emergency Astrological support when you need it. And of course, you can try out the other members in the forum too.

understanding the hidden codes to the overall pattern

Paid members get access to member's only global content as well as their daily or monthly readings. These videos or MP3s include secret insights from asteroids, centaurs, trans-neptunian objects and other galactic phenomena.

enjoy discounts on your next purchases

Buy your next consultation, coaching package or subliminal recording at a lower price. Members can use their generous store discount

a secure place to learn about yourself

Each paid member and client, has a password protected page to access their latest (and previous) consultations with Louisa.

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If you need a deeper astrological overhaul, then you might want to consider diving into a 90 minute consultation process. You’ll enjoy both pre and post consultation calls, AND a 90 minute bespoke MP3 recorded by Louisa. The consultation calls ensure that the recording is tightly tailored to your requirements and that all your concerns have been addressed. As reviews go, the bespoke 90 minute consultation can get you back on track quickly and give you greater clarity in your direction.

Very best opinions

What Clients Say

"You tuned into absolutely everything that I'm working on right now. It's an absolute gift"
Tom Evans
Author, Wizard, Podcaster
"It surprised me that anyone could know so much from just a birth date, time and town"
Fran Barlow
QHHT Healing
"Louisa was a game changer in my life much more than she can even imagine! I recommend her"
Tatiana Amores
Instructor and coach

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feel good 'insight' plan
€ 4.40

Billed per Month (or €44.00 Annually)

-Monthly Global Insider Update
-Quarterly Webinar
-Monthly Members Q&A Video
-10% Discount on all Store Purchases


Feel Good 'Daily' plan

Billed per Month (or €111.00 Annually)

Everything from the ‘Insight’ Plan
-Daily Astrology Updates
-Your Personal Codes to use with Daily Updates
-10-25% Discount on all Store Purchases

feel good 'guidance' plan

Billed per Month (or €440 Annually)

Everything from ‘Insight’ and ‘Daily’ plans. PLUS
-Personal Bespoke Monthly Forecast
-Ask a question  (one a month)
-Donate your question to a friend *
-Solar Return ‘year ahead’ reading in the month of your birthday*
25-40% Discount on all Store Purchases * 

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Louisa Tanner Munson

intuitive astrologer and coach


I've added in my husband, because he's the one who really encouraged me to put my skills out there in the first place. He got me on the radio in those early days, and made me laugh with his range of 'your-anus' jokes (Uranus).

And it was Carl who was pushing me to start not one, but several membership streams.

He's an expert Podcaster, Radio presenter and community development coach, if you're looking. I digress...
I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t want to ‘know about themselves’ or learn ways to find their own resources, easily and effortlessly.
My mission is to make astrology and coaching accessible, practical and purposeful for everyone. Whether you want a shot of astrological advice within consultation or to learn astrological tricks to surf the planetary waves in membership,

I hope there’s things here to help you find nourishment and clarity. That’s why I enjoy working with members in particular. In the 'Feel Good Guidance Plan' I get to keep in close contact with my clients, so that I can really create bespoke, targeted and relevant astrology and coaching for them.

Carl Munson

podcaster, presenter, husband of Astrologer


Contact me

I work a few hours a day around a busy family life with 3 small children. But I will respond as soon as I can and usually within 24 hours. I’m currently based in Portugal, so virtual connection (a pre-arranged Whatsap/skype or messenger call) is the way forward.

book a call with me
P: 00351 917382233

Get guidance and clarity today

Astrology solutions available to match your exact needs. If you're not sure about membership, you might find a bespoke consultation is what you need. I can cover:- Preparing for your future trends
Astrological Relationship coaching
Finding the right time to start a business
Finding the right time to get married
Finding the right time to start a family
Astrological Career Coaching