"The recording landed in my inbox where I could download it onto my phone...I'm now armed with masses of insights to guide me through those things that might sneak out of the dark! Thank you Louisa, you've hit the sweet spot yet again!"
Jackie Roberts, Smart PA,

All you need do is choose how long you'd like me to 'read' for, and you can be on your way to advice and guidance!

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The 30 minute reading is mostly useful for when you find yourself in need of a short burst of guidance, and I’ll provide a recorded astrological and channelled answer for you to download and listen to.

Whether it’s about love, career, or any other area of life, I’m committed to delivering timely and reasonable assistance when you need it most. 

Suitable for:

  • Making a quick choice
  • Should I do…..?
  • Will this suit me….?
  • When looking for the most obvious trends in your chart
  • Your chart in a nutshell


The 60 minute reading is mostly useful for the types of enquiries that explore your chart in relation to your character, what’s happening NOW and next and also to gain clarity about a ‘yes/no’ question.

I can create a very full investigation of your life, tendencies and ‘things you need to know’ within the 60 minutes.

Suitable for:

  • Your year ahead / Solar Return
  • Making the BEST of who you are! Career & Finance
  • Understanding your shadow side & healing journey
  • Understanding your child & their needs
  • Understanding your pet & their needs


The 90 minute reading is mostly useful for the types of enquiries that explore your chart in relation to the chart of another person (spouse, friend, child, parents etc) or to another entity (business / country)

I will only look at someone else’s FULL chart, with their express permission, but happy to look at their Date of Birth (FLAT chart), if they have not given their permission.

This is suitable for:

  • Compatitibility with another person
  • Finding 3 good dates for getting married
  • Finding 3 good dates for starting a business
  • Finding 3 good dates for family moves/migration
  • An even deeper dive into your past, present and future. Exploring your cosmic timeline
"Louisa was a game changer in my life much more than she can even imagine! I recommend her services 1000% because a 100% doesn't feel like enough..."
tatiana amores
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"Thank you Louisa for the June 'codes' reading, it was spot on as usual! I am as, usual, going through a deepening and processing the information. More to come through and look at in due course..."
lynn paterson
"Working with Louisa has been a revelation! She is so immensely knowledgeable, combined with her intuitive capacity, it makes for an amazingly healing and illuminating experience"
gillian alexander, sacred touch

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