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"I loved the exploration video call, and the way you got into my world to find out what was important to me! And then I got the reading...

Your intuitive selection of energetic influences, and their impact on my energy, and your subsequent interpretation, blew me away.

I'm still reeling from the way you seemed to look into my soul and addressed the issues I was concerned about. I've listened to it twice now, and that's not enough!

Thank you! With love ☺️🥰'

Michael Brodie, Agueda, Portugal. February 2023

Your 2 step process to a dream migration!

You can't know what you don't already know! Or....... can you?

Hey! I am Louisa. I am now living in my 5th country and have been living here for over 5 years with my husband and 3 children. Being a migrant, can be exhilerating as well as isolating. Take it from me, when I say we often don't quite see the full impact our move will take us on, sometimes for many years later. And here's where I can help. As an Astrologer and Coach I can guide you through the emotional, spiritual and also timing aspects of your move.

When we have secret doubts and fears about Migration, they can eat away at us and destabilise our joy of migration.

I have known many 'expats' who have had great, fulfilling and enhancing migrations, and I also know many who return home to their country of origin. There is always a good reason for staying and returning.

Life is full of challenges. I'd be lying if I said they were easy when you're facing them as a migrant. Your joys do seem more brilliant, but your lows can be just that bit harder. So let's clear the decks on your doubts and fears as quickly as possible, to make your migration as secure as possible.

I have worked with well over a 1000 clients and have had the privilege of seeing the charts of people, when they are going through a BIG CHANGE (such as Migration). I have a good eye for seeing what patterns are coming up for you and for every member of your family. And I can understand from my own very real experience about the stages of change and also grief that we can go through when considering a migration and actually doing it.

There are many ways that I can help smooth your migration process, and many questions that I can help you to ask, and also answer. The first step is to get to know your needs and I can do that when you give me a call.

psst....this might also be helpful...

When you work with me, you can also connect with Mr 'Good Morning Portugal' himself, my husband, Carl Munson

It's not just me that works with people wanting to migrate. My Husband Carl Munson, hosts his own popular YouTube daily show, mon/fri, where he provides support, guests interviews and grows a supportive community of expats around the world.

Outside of the daily morning show, we also have stand alone interviews 'Moving Stories' where we have interviewed many expats about their unique experience of migrating, and where they share their top tips.

If you're moving to Portugal, it might be helpful to check out his show by clicking on the icon below. 'The Good Morning Portugal Show can also be listened in to via podcast, facebook, twitter and all manner of places! /

The 2 steps to take


Book a short exploratory call with me (Louisa), to unravel the best way that I can support you in your migration. I am mostly available in the mornings of US time zones and in the afternoons for the Europeans.

2 / choose between a reading, or a migration package, and you can be on your way to A joyful migration

  • Do you just want to know when to do things? (consider a timeline that draws it out for you / or a reading)
  • Do you want more handholding and to talk it out? (consider a video call / maybe a regular meeting)

My products and services, are designed to help you with the things that are most important to you, in the way that best suits you.  What’s right for one, is not right for another. I can talk you through them during a call. Have a look at the questions below to determine what you would like answering in terms of your migration. That is always a good place to start!

Questions that i can help you answer

When we haven’t fully got real to the truth of migration, we can be left with doubts and fears. My job is to help address those ASAP so you are confident that migration is your best option. Some of these questions are best explored through a coaching session, where I listen deeply, and reflect back to you. All of these questions can be explored astrologically.

about the life you are wanting to live

  • Why am I choosing to migrate?
  • What will migration bring me, that I currently can’t experience?
  • What will I lose from my old life, that I won’t have in my new location?
  • How can I manage that loss and when is it liekly to come up?
  • How can I create a new support system in my country of choice?
  • How will I cope with living in a new culture with a new language?

about feeling purpose

  • How will migration assist my vision for a life well lived?
  • What possibilities exist for me beyond migration?

about finding the right new home and location

  • Which places are lucky for me and my family to live in, according to our birthcharts?
  • How will my relationships be affected in this new location?
  • What services and supports do I need around me to feel at home?
  • Are these services available in my preferred location? If not, is this a deal breaker?
  • How can I integrate in my country of choice? and cope with living in a new culture with a new language?

about your moving with your spouse / partner

  • How have we managed change together in the past?
  • What support and qualities do we each bring to the table which could assist in the move?
  • How will our relationship be affected in this new location?
  • What are we both looking to experience through this migration?
  • Who is moving for the other? Are you being ‘done to’?
  • How can we stay in love as our identities change through migration?

about growing old in your new country

  • How will my health change throughout my migration and what steps can I take right now? 
  • What health care can I arrange for myself in my new location?
  • How do I envision growing old in my country of choice?
  • Am I likely to return home if I lose my partner?

about moving your children or parents with you

  • What supports will my loved ones need?
  • How will I support my loved ones, when I am under additional pressure from the move?
  • How can we support each other and foster greater trust and vulnerability?
  • Would they choose to move, were it not for me? If not, what might that mean?
  • Am I choosing to move to keep my partner happy? If ‘yes’, how can I feel empowered in this move?

about those you are leaving behind

  • What support do my elderly parents / adult children / grandchildren need, when we move?
  • How can I support my parents / adult children / grandchildren from a distance?
  • What aspects of grief/guilt might come up?
  • How easy and affordable will it be to return home in an emergency?
  • How will my relationships with those I am leaving behind continue to evolve?
  • How can I celebrate leaving in a meaningful way? How do I say goodbye?
"Louisa was a game changer in my life much more than she can even imagine! I recommend her services 1000% because a 100% doesn't feel like enough..."
tatiana amores