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In our great human story, we use Myth, to teach us about the world we live in. The story of Ceres/Demeter brings to our chart the abundance of nature, fertility and grain. The story of Ishtar brings the power of love and regeneration. As I curate the energy of this time, I’ve invited all three goddesses to speak to us through this chart. I give thanks for the Goddess wisdom they share.

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“The calendar makes a great slave but a terrible master” Carl Munson.

As ever, Mr M has nailed it. We have been brought up to create our life in accordance to our calendar – but energetically is New Year’s Day the best day to make our resolutions? Read on if you’d like to use your diary to your BEST advantage in 2019 and find the best dates for the kinds of resolutions you’re planning to commit to.

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Great news for me. Looks like my article, has made it in to ‘Spirit & Destiny’ magazine. It is in the January 2019 edition and is on sale now in the UK.

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