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unsplash-logoTony Detroit

Solstice/Full Moon greetings to you all!

I’m back after a short maternity break. (I gave birth to my third child, mid November). At the moment, I’m doing the bare bones, as I obviously have my hands pretty full with a newborn to love, nurse, burp and nappy change….and I’m enjoying it, it’s marvellous.

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This is a POTENT FULL MOON, and if you’re in any way into ‘intention work’, this is one of the most potent times of the year to sit down, collect your thoughts and dream a bigger future for yourself. So check into the energy of it at 17.45 (UTC) on the 24th October 2018

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unsplash-logoMohammad Gh

“It’s energy is not gentle, nor is it considerate. It is like getting an almighty telling off from your parents, that renders you so numb, that your mind can close down to hear another message from that part of you that wants healing..”

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unsplash-logoJoao Tzannounsplash-logoJoao Tzanno

Full Moon in Sagittarius. At some level the cosmic game is up. Our collective psyches are on to what really lies at the edge of our conscious awareness.

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