Cosmic Forecast

Feel Good ‘Daily’ Plan

Am currently producing daily MP3 updates to excite, interest and give a daily ‘heads up’ to all my membership who’ve signed up for the ‘Daily’ and ‘Guidance’ plans.

These daily updates can be listened to easily from any device that you can login to your personal page from.

Members who’ve signed up for this plan receive a Cosmic Code Checker Card (CCCC), which contains a series of codes about their own planetary makeup. As you listen in to the daily updates that are no longer than 5 minutes, I’ll mention a list of the codes that are most influenced by the planetary energies – If I mention one of your codes, you’ll know it’ll be an important day for you. If not, it’s largely business as usual.

The CCCCs allow you to personalize your daily listening experience. These are not generic updates for everyone – with the power of your CCCCs you have the chance to glean extra insight and meaning in an entirely personal way to you. And of course, if you like a bit of Bingo or a good Raffle, you’ll find these updates a bit more FUN than the insights you might get elsewhere.

Am really excited and proud about this new membership addition to the ‘Feel Good’ Family. It’s working well and I’m loving keeping my eye on the planets to a much more significant degree.

Of course if you’d like to look at the planets yourself, you can look at the Ephemeris on