Cosmic Global Forecast

Feel Good ‘Insight’ Plan

The Feel Good Insight Plan is ideal for those who love Astrology and who need a light touch into forecasting. For those who want to know simply the energies coming up for the next month, without the need to understand how these energies will land on a personal level.

The Monthly Global Member Forecasts have a more cosmic indepth look at how the month ahead will look. Payign close attention to the New Moon, the Full Moon, any Eclipses, Equinoxes or Solstices, the forecasts give a heads up into th spiritual update that humanity if going through. What are the challenges to Human Beings collectively? What archtypes are we venturing into together? How are we all experiencing our upliftment and supporting each other?

You could be forgiven to think this doesn’t carry much clout, after all, I do record free monthly update videos that I put onto my youtube channel. However these Global Updates take the listener on a much greater journey through the collective unconscious.

Using the message from the other cosmic messengers, I look not only at the planets of the Solar System, but within the ‘Insight’ membership, I also refer to the incoming messages that come from Asteroids, Trans Neptunian Objects, Uranian Planets, Hypothetical Objects, Centaurs.

With over 10,000 of these at my fingertips, and with a good dose of intuition, I select which objects are playing into the planetary patterns each month, and give you a deeper look at how things will play out.